Thursday, 30 July 2009

Microchip Time

So yesterday Mummy Lyly took me to town on a huge blue/green thing that makes a lot of noise. You guessed it! The big bad bus!

Was not so bad, well, not as bad as the big bad needle. Sorry I call it a needle when it was more like the size of a big straw! They stuck it in my shoulder and shot a metal thing in me.....I know feel sorry for poor little me. Not for too long though, I mean, it is for the best I have had it done. If I get lost now, they will know where to find my Mummies :)

Once Mummy Sam got home we went for a walk to the lake near our house, but it started raining so we had to go home early!

But before it rained we did manage to take a photo! Aren't I looking gorgeous with my messy glossy coat!

Love me. Love me a lot ;)

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